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Ramon Aragon, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Aragon is a double Board-Certified Adult Psychiatrist who is Fellowship-trained in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry. During the course of his training, he developed extensive experience in managing complex psychiatric disorders. During his fellowship training, he further specialized in managing the psychiatric manifestations of acute medical illnesses. 

Currently, serving as the founder and Medical Director for TMS of Austin, Dr. Aragon brings his expertise to deliver state-of-the-art treatment for psychiatric disorders through deep TMS.


"There is an unfortunate stigma adding to the burden of psychiatric illness. Depression, for instance, is such a debilitating disease that goes unnoticed for so many of our patients, and for those that do, treatment often fails to lead to remission. With dTMS, we have a real opportunity to bring hope to our patients' lives."

                              -Dr. Aragon.

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